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The calculation capabilities that are included within WinLIMS.NET™ are unsurpassed by any other LIMS at any price. Virtually any mathmatical function is avaiable, if/then/else logic is fully supported and you're able to use data from any source to perform calculations. The raw values used to perform calculations can originate from:

  • The same test method on the same sample
  • A different test method on the same sample
  • The same test method on a different sample
  • A different test method on a different sample
  • The sample itself
  • The production lot record
  • The sample request record
  • The product specification record
  • A record of standard properties or lookups
  • Any other logically related record

In addition; the calculations can initiate stored procedures that can execute business rules such as the automatic registration of samples, updating records in your ERP system or any other logically derived function to ensure the smooth processing of information within your organization.